Is ChatGPT safe for SEO? What is GPTZero?

There is a tendency for some SEO specialists to want to use ChatGPT to create new content for their websites. But some questions arise about Google penalties and other problems. Is that really safe for SEO?

Do search engines recognize content written by ChatGPT?

Yes, they can perfectly do it. The issue is that search engines want to show unique content to visitors on the SERP. Unfortunately, bots like ChatGPT cannot generate any unique content. Therefore, Google and other search engines can easily identify bot-generated contents. If they identify this kind of content, they generally remove the links from the SERP. I'm not sure if it will be called "bot-human clash" or "human nationalism" and condemned in the future. But this is the reality of today's world.

How to detect ChatGPT-generated contents?

Generally, bots and artificially intelligent computer-backed programs cannot generate unique contents. Thus, they can be easily detected. With ChatGPT, it is a little bit complicated. But still, proper algorithms identify whether the content was written by humans or not.

What is GPTZero, and how does it work?

Senior and computer science major Edward Tian from Princeton University has built an app that can detect whether a text was generated by a human being or using the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT.

The app analyzes two variables in any piece of writing. It looks at a text's "perplexity," which measures its randomness. Generally, human-generated texts tend to be more unpredictable in comparison with bot-produced 
If a text is very random and very unfamiliar, and the app is perplexed, it has a higher chance of being human-generated.
In addition to perplexity, the algorithm analyzes "burstiness," which measures variance or inconsistency within a text. Because there is a lot of variance in human-written articles.

Perhaps Google and other search engines use the same techniques to deal with bot-generated articles.
As briefly mentioned earlier, bot-generated articles could be detected by search engines. Therefore, try to avoid using them to create SEO contents.