How Google Blends Social, Search, Local, Shopping, AI, and Ads

Google has announced that it is integrating discussions, social media posts, video contents, and generative AI into search results and the Discover feed. It has already expressed its plans to experiment with ads in its Search Generative Experience (SGE), which integrates AI support for search.


Google's continued evolution of Search and Discover features with new features demonstrates its commitment to adapting to consumer needs, interests, and trends. To improve its search results with a personalized feed, social posts, discussions, stories, and generative AI, Google creates new features for digital marketers and advertisers to reach their target audiences.

A Personalized Google Discover Feed

When you open the Google app, below the search bar, a personalized Google Discover feed will be displayed. Google includes many of the new features you would expect to see on other social newsfeeds, including recent headlines, trending topics, videos, and information about topics users follow. Also, users will find ads from Discovery campaigns that will soon be under the demand category for Google advertisers.

Web Stories with Ads

Just like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok place stories above the newsfeed, Google will integrate web stories throughout its Discover feed.



Social Media Videos and YouTube Shorts

YouTube videos and shorts will appear in the Discover feed. Videos that begin playing within the Discover feed offer the opportunity for pre-roll, post-roll, skippable, and non-skippable ads.

Notes with AI-Generated Images in SERPs

Along with SGE, only mobile users on all Android devices or using the Google iOS app with access to Google Search Labs can try the Notes feature. The experimental feature allows users to leave comments in SERPs.

Google also allows advertisers to show ads (Notes ads) sponsored by competitors on search results about your brand.

Google Profiles with Social Links

When you create a new note, it will appear in the Google profile section. You can edit your profile to include one or more social profile links. Google will send notifications when your note receives views from someone else.

Likes, Saves, and Shares

Google will integrate some social media features on mobile devices, such as the ability to like, save, and share search results in the Discover feed section. This may include news, ads, stories, and shorts.

Engagements such as likes, saves, shares, and notes could become social signals for ranking in the Discover feed.

These engagement signals could be tracked with search results in Google Analytics or Search Console metrics. Advertisers may use them to retarget engaged users in their remarketing campaigns.

SGE while browsing offers more search results

For mobile users, SGE in Google Labs offers summaries, information about the page, and more search results while users are browsing a website.

The mini-SERP for this article includes a FAQ-like Explore More section, People also view, and links about the source of the information.

Local Search, SGE, and Social Posts

Local search results include a combination of the typical local pack search results, generative AI, and links to social networks, videos, and recent posts from local businesses in the local search results beneath SGE.

Perspectives section in Search

Google search users on desktop and mobile browsers can find the Perspectives section. This search filter features results from blogs, news sites, and platforms like Instagram, Medium, Reddit, StackOverflow, TikTok, and YouTube.


In a nutshell, Google will integrate search, social posts, shopping, video content, local results AI, and ads for omnichannel marketing strategies. Some features are currently only available in the USA and India.